Household Storage Services in Pune


Hire Best Household Storage Services in Pune that keeps Household Goods Storage facility near you in Pune. Preeti Home Packers and Movers Pune provide Safe and Secure Household Storage Services in Pune to the Customers. Ourselves have spacious and secure Warehouse for the Household Goods Storage Services in Pune of your valuable goods and belongings.

As the Corona-virus cases continue to rise in the city, those staying away from their homes are considering moving back till things to get back to normal. After all, everyone wants to be close to family in these difficult times. The biggest concern among-st the masses right now is it sane to keep paying rent while they are away, just because of Material ? Well, we have found the perfect solution of your query and present out a list of Household storage space on rent in Pune where you can keep your belongings safe while you are away.

If you want a Warehouse for Household Goods items Storage in Pune, then you don’t worry Preeti Home Packers and Movers provides you Best Household Storage facility or Warehousing Services near me in Pune. We offer secure and affordable Storage Services from Pune, for both Local and Long Distance Relocations. Hire Best Storage Facility services on rent in Pune which keeps household items properly and safely.


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Household items Storage Services in Pune


Preeti Home Packers and Movers is one of the Best Excellent Packers and Movers Company in Pune as there Storage Facility are well maintained, clean, and equipped with modern Security systems for better protection. All of your belongings will be carefully wrapped and placed inside the facility during the storage period. People do search as – > Self Storage facility near me in Pune also.

Preeti Home Packers and Movers offers Reliable Household Goods Storage in Pune for all your needs like Household Goods items, Car Storage in Pune, Warehouse for Household Goods Storage in Pune, Storage facility on rent in Pune. Our Warehouse and Storage Services are the Best Household Storage in Pune.



household storage services in pune

Safe Warehouse Storage Facility in Pune


Preeti Home Packers and Movers assure for Safe Storage Facility of your goods with 24*7 security system. We offer control checks on entry and exit of goods and also offer moisture and insect free warehousing space. Security is our main concern. We offer Secure and Safe Best Warehousing Storage Services near me and facilities at different main locations of Pune, Maharashtra; India. We take the utmost care of your goods and are capable of dealing with almost all types of goods, such as computer, AC, furniture, crockery, TV, Electronic equipment, Musical instruments, etc.



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Warehouse for Household Goods in Pune


Preeti Home Packers and Movers always maintain excellent quality control of our Warehousing Services. All the tasks related to warehousing and storage of goods and belongings are done under the supervision of experts and Professionally trained and Experienced Staff  – Storage and Warehouse Services in Pune, India. Household Goods Warehouse Storage experienced management team can customize value added services to meet your specific needs, Storage Facility in Pune. We also provide safe & secure storage space for larger items such as Car and Bikes, Storage Facility in Pune.



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Storage Service in Pune



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Preeti Home Packers and Movers

Pest Control


Preeti Home Packers and Movers follows regular pest control services and maintains clean, dry, secure storage facilities. All items are stored on wooden pallets to protect from pests.


Preeti Home Packers and Movers

Pickup from Door Step


Preeti Home Packers and Movers team visits customer place with highly skilled packers along transport vehicle. We pack all household items and pickup from door step with no hassle.


household storage services in pune
Preeti Home Packers and Movers

Insurance Coverage


In addition to our state of art facilities, we have partnered with Insurance companies for Burglary, Fire and Special Perils. All belongings are insured and safe with Preeti Home Packers and Movers.



Warehouse Storage in Pune

24/7 Security


Preeti Home Packers and Movers offers security features for your peace of mind. Round the clock Security, Biometric Access Control and Shutter alarm System.


Household Goods Cost Calculator Per Month


                                                                                         Storage Charges Per Day


Want to know our Warehouse or Storage Cost Calculation Charges, Handling Charges i.e. Packing, Loading, Transportation, Goods insurance and GST Charges then . We provide you with Best class storage and warehousing in Pune, then hire your Best household storage and warehousing services space for monthly rent for a household goods store in Pune. The Charges / Cost of Storages and Warehousing of household material may vary from company to Company.


  • Some Household Goods Storage per Day Charge Rs 100 – Rs 200.
  • 1 BHK Household Goods Storage per Day Charge Rs 150 – Rs 250.
  • 2 BHK Household Goods Storage per Day Charge Rs 200 – Rs 350.
  • 3 BHK Household Goods Storage per Day Charge Rs 250 – Rs 400.
  • 4 BHK Household Goods Storage per Day Charge Rs 350 – Rs 500.


Frequently asked Questions about Storage Services in Pune ?


  • Where can I Store my Luggage in Pune ?

Preeti Home Packers and Movers is one of the most trusted storage Service or space provider in the Pune city. From providing space for 2-Wheeler Vehicles to Storing household items, this service offers a variety of packages to the Customer of your liking.

  • How much should Storage Cost ?

The Cost of Household goods Storage in Pune  is approx. Rs 1,500/- to Rs 15,000/-  per Month. The Charges of Warehouse Storage Service in Pune mainly depends on the material that Customer have.

  • Is it Safe to take a Storage Service ?

Yes, the Storage Service or Warehouse Service is Safe and Secure to keep your household materials.

  • Can I Pack Household Goods Myself for Storing in a Warehouse ?

Yes, you can Pack your Household goods yourself. But, you have to take care about your material that how you are packing it.

  • Where аre my Materials / items being Stоred ?

Yоur Materials аre stоred in safe & seсure, соmmerсiаl stоrаge wаrehоuses thаt аre mоnitоred 24/7. These wаrehоuses аre tyрiсаlly lосаted inside Pune сity that limits in оrder tо get yоu the best роssible rаtes.

  • Саn i visit yоur Stоrаge Fасility tо drор оff my Materials ?

Tо ensure seсurity аnd рrivасy, we оnly use соmmerсiаl wаrehоuses whiсh аre сlоsed tо the рubliс. Hоwever, we аre аlwаys hаррy tо return аny items tо yоu whenever yоu need them. We саn return аny items within 7 dаys, but if yоu need sоmething even sооner, рleаse let us knоw аnd we will dо оur best tо helр you.


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